Friday, August 21, 2009

Last Night

Thursday 6:00 pm - At my moms, picking up Taylor and getting ready for our dinner date with Lashawn and Nicky. Josh pulls up, he's going to play poker tonight. Such a pain in my ass because drinking and driving is always involved. That and of course him not answering my calls. "So poker is tonight, I don't want no shit like last week, play in your tournament and get home." He replies some bull shit.. I felt then he was lieing right then and there. Even called him out on it.. he replies some more bull shit.

8:00 pm - Dinner is ok, I'm not a huge fan of Mexican... besides the chips and salsa. The kids are fighting over some paper. Lashawn and are are chatting, I really like her, she's a good person.

9:00 pm - Going for Ice cream now. This is way late for me to be out, but Taylor seems to be enjoying herself, I am too to be honest.

10:30 pm - In Bed, reading to Taylor -- I call Josh, he says he's just about out of the tournament. He will be home soon. We fall asleep.

12:30 - Eyes Open - No Josh.... I call
and call
and call
No answer.
Stomach gets upset, as it does when I feel this way. I remain on toliet.

1:00 am - I look out the window and to my surprise, his car is outside, but he is nowhere in site. I walk around the house. I find him laying on the ground in our side yard smoking. I hate that he smokes. I walk away, saying not one word.

1:05 am - Who does he think he is?? He promised!!!! Fucking asshole, I'll show him.

1:06 am - Me filling up a bucket of water.

1:07 am - Me dumping water on Josh! At this moment I am feeling pretty damn good. But what did it do?? Did it was away his gambling issue, or his drinking problem???..... well no. Did it make him feel bad to lying to my face??? Well no it probably didn't. Damn good feeling gone.

1:30 am - I have locked my bedroom door.. try my hardest to go to sleep. I have work in the morning, and much to get done. Stomach is upset again, would like to go to bathroom.... but don't want to run into the fuck head.
I hear him at the door.. sounds like he is trying to get in.
Noise stops. I see a Shadow under the door. Hopefully he hung himself... well that's not nice.
I turn on the light... I see pink fuzz .. Taylor's pillow. He must be sleeping outside of the door.
I lay away practicing my Albie. I fall asleep.

3:30 am - I open door. There he is. I'd like to step on his face, but I wont. He look innocent when he's asleep. He can't lie to me, or hurt my feelings, he can just sleep. I leave the door open.

5:00 am - He jumps into bed.

6:45 am - I'm up, ready to jump in the tub. Fucking plug is broken... ughh. I really want to take a hot bath. I mess around with it for a bit.... I finally plug it with a rag.
Bath is half full when the hot water goes off.
Really?? I say out load... speaking to myself, maybe God, anyone who is there. Maybe nobody is there. Nobody is here.

7:30 am - I here my name... MOM. I run in, good morning beautiful.

Friday, July 31, 2009

So I get the keys to my new house today!!! I'm so so so so excited!!!

Getting older I have come to terms with a couple things.
* Pooping is normal, everyone does it... there is no reason to hold it for 8 hours if u really just have to go.
* Buffets are the ghetto-ist places in the world.. but worth the torture on days when u are in the mood for everything
* Shoes should fit, they look worse and hurt more if they don't.
* Steak is actually really good cooked medium.
* Spell check is my world!!!!!

Wine is the best.
Smoking is not my thing.
The only thing that can heal a bad day is a bubble bath and silence!!
If you care to much about what ppl think, they will think that what they think, actually matters.

Be pretty for you. No one else!!

Pizza is the best food on this earth. That's just what is is... nothing can top the convenience and popular demand of pizza. My foam finger has Pizza #1 written on it.

If you don't believe who will

It's not what it is that matters -- it's what u see!!

Thanks for listening to me ramble, and put in random pictures!! lol...

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

~~ SMILE ~~

Ok I haven't blogged in like a bazzilion years so I figured I would stop by word vomit a little and be out!!
Is it bad NOT to wear undies sometimes? That is the f'n question of the day folks!!

Flys are gross! I have a Chihuahua named Killer, he is the shizznit but he's getting so old it makes me sad. I love the heat hate the humidity.
When closing on a house there are so many stupid made up closing fees, all of which are made to nickle and dime you until u feel like punching bag that's about to explode.
I think Fake purses should be illegal. You know what, every time I say that ppl get all blaaazzza bla... It's wrong, and here is the thing peeps.... I am so for rocking out a cheap purse from Walmart... but Rocking a FAKE purse is SOOO LAME!!! Anyone who has these designers knows they are fake. So who are u trying to impress, your not impressing anyone who knows better. I'd rather be a last place winner than a first place looser. GO BLUE TEAM BITCHES!!!

Ok now that I have some ppl red in the face... today's poem will be about smiles!!

Smiles should be big
Smiles should be bright
It shows that u are happy
it shows that u are alright

Smile today to brighten someones day
if you wait to smile tomorrow and u may find sorry.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Hell mutha freaking yeah it's FRIDAY

Whoop Whoop... Hell to da Yeah.

So my work day is 1/4 of the way done.

Hmm... My thought of today.. Friday... is going to be

If you can't convince - Confuse

Put that shit in your pipe and smoke it. I'm pretty sure I stole that from somebody.. but everything you know is has basically been stolen from someone or something, if you really think about it.. you steal knowledge from books, ignorance from Tv.... calories from Pizza. OMG I had dinner at the grossest place yesterday..

It's called Maria's --- Barf... and I LOVE FOOD.... and the only thing I love more than food is Italian food and this shit was sick. Like mushroom sick.

Today's theme is coffee

I love to drink my coffee

in the morning when it's fresh

I can't drink it at night

or I won't be able to rest

I love to drink the coffee

place the warm cup on my lap

after a couple cups of coffee

I have to take a mad crap

Have a great weekend bloggers!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happiness is family

These are older pics of my daughter. Stopping to take time to remember the past is the only way to truly appreciate life. Yesterdays memories, tears, mistakes, triumphs.. they all help make today --- Today!
Take time today to remember!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Bow chica waaa waaa

So I have decided to loose 8.8 pounds.

Since I have no time to join a gym.. I figured doing little things everyday will help melt the back fat Betty away. so yesterday as I walked behind my daughter as she rode her bike up the street, I touch the ground every other sidewalk block. I felt the burn.... while of course looking like I was OCD'd out I'm sure!! lol...

Yesterday was my 10month wedding anniversary. We wrote our own vows, that we added to the standard ceremony. They were funny! Even my husband promising me that he will put me to bed when I've had to much to drink... and mine saying that I promise to be patient while he realizes that I am always right, and to watch football Sundays, Mondays, and sometimes on Thursdays!
Today we will talk about people who wears shoes where there toes hang out the front.
Oh didn't you know they were too small at the store
couldn't u tell when your big toe hit the floor
The least you could do is get a pedi
So we don't have to look at your toenails curling like spaghetti

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Saturday!! Has to be the best f'n day of the week. Today we went to Borders to Celebrate Spongebob's birthday, and to the local carnival. We rode some rides and won a goldfish. When I say we "won" a goldfish.. of course that means I spent so much fucking money trying to win that the one tooth dude from behind the counter gave it to us. His name is FRIES... my darling daughter named her that..... as she was eating some carnival fries. So now we are relaxing about to start grilling out. Taylor is sitting with Fries.... who's new home is a wine glass until his tank water is de-clorined or whatever. Taylor is coloring a card for her Nana who is coming over to the cookout. Yesterday was Friday (in case you were wondering) and we had our best buds come over and make pimp cups.... which turned out AWESOME!! Glitter, gems, pom poms, feathers, stickers, and more glitter made our cups into pimp perfection.

Tomorrow we are going to the baseball game!! whoop whoop go home team!! $10 bottles of water and some uncomfy seats will make my Sunday home game a reality. Then back to work. I love work, so i can't complain.

Todays subject is Lake Erie

Great Lake, in which I will never swim in

your beauty is devine

your smell is a crime

k - bye